Max Ehrich Is Still Posting About Demi Lovato

Max Ehrich Is Still Posting About Demi Lovato

Sometimes pop stans are... scary, to say the least. Other times, though, they use their obsessiveness for good. Such appears to be the curious case of Demi Lovato, her devoted Lovatics and the singer's now-ex Max Ehrich. Just days after Demi stans uncovered what appeared to be a series of creepy, horny tweets from Ehrich about many of her fellow female celebs (most chillingly, one Selena Gomez), Lovato reportedly broke things off with the actor after doubting the seriousness of his intentions. They'd become engaged in July, after a brief lockdown romance.

Now, unfortunately, Ehrich is having trouble letting things go. It's pretty clear he enjoyed the attention brought by his high-profile romance (and now break up).

On Sunday night he posted a rambling, now-deleted Instagram story essentially begging for "Demetria" back, claiming that the break up was not yet official and the two were yet to speak on the phone about it. "If you're reading this, I love you always, unconditionally," he wrote to his ex. He also claimed he didn't know the engagement was off until reading about it in the tabloids.

Presumably after a chat with his publicist, Ehrich has taken a different (but no less weird) tone this morning. The actor now appears to accept his break up, writing, "One chapter finally closed this am, and now I turn the page... Focused on wellness, love, God, my family, friends, and my art...Good vibes only :)"

Everyone on Twitter is hopeful that this matter can finally be put to rest. In Demi Lovato's own immortal words, stay away from her! Get a job! Thank you, Lovatics, for your service.

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