Maroon 5 Announces Las Vegas Residency

Maroon 5 Announces Las Vegas Residency

by Payton Dunn

Apparently, Adam Levine’s cheating accusations are nothing but a “Beautiful Mistake” to him now, as Maroon 5 announced this morning that they’d be taking on Vegas next year as a part of what they call “M5LV • THE RESIDENCY.”

The residency will have them performing throughout 2023, with dates in March, April, July and August. They’ll be playing Dolby Live, an amphitheater part of the Park MGM casino hotel featuring glorious Dolby Atmos audio so you enjoy Adam Levine’s mind-numbing voice in surround sound.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to see him from all nine of the HD and 4K projectors, so you can get a crystal clear view of the face that was “naive and stupid enough to risk the only thing that truly [mattered] to [him]” by sliding into Summer Stroh’s DMs to tell her that he wanted to name his the unborn child after her.

Tickets for the residency will be going on sale on October 3, but Twitter doesn’t seem enthused at the prospect of buying them.

Others were quick to poke fun at the whole ordeal:

Regardless, it’s “truly unreal” how quick the turnaround was. Adam seems to be hoping that the accusations have already relegated themselves to our “Memories,” but the public seems to have already been “Overexposed'' to it all.

Photo courtesy of Andre Luiz Moreira/Shutterstock