Adam Levine Has Always Been Non-Monogamous
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Adam Levine Has Always Been Non-Monogamous

While we can all agree that the Adam Levine cheating scandal has gotten old very fast, there's a snowball effect of craziness that has been unfolding before our eyes. Now we have a resurfaced interview from 2009 in which the Maroon 5 singer essentially warned us that this would happen.

In a 2009 Cosmopolitan interview that dubs Levine a "fun, fearless male," he is immediately asked why men cheat. "Instinctively, monogamy is not in our genetic makeup," he replied. "People cheat. I have cheated. And you know what? There is nothing worse than the feeling of doing it."

Perhaps most telling answer in the short interview was when Levine was asked what his best feature is. An objectively handsome man, it could've been his... questionable tattoos. Maybe even his eyes! Nope! He loves his ability to "detach" himself. Nonetheless, he also acknowledges it's his worst feature and says, "I let myself off the hook to the point where it's a bad thing. People are hard on themselves. I'm not."

Three years after this interview, Levine would meet Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo. Only weeks before the cheating scandal (and the countless TikToks about it) hit the news, the couple announced that they were expecting their third child together.

Levine's drama began when Instagram model Sumner Stroh posted screenshots of a flirtatious Levine sliding into her DMs, eventually asking her if he could name his new baby after her. Since then, several other women came forward with similar stories of Levine flirting with them.

Perhaps worst of all, he's not even good at it. The Internet is an unserious place, and they immediately made a meme out of Levine's terrible sext game.

Please let this saga end. I can only deal with so many bad sexts, and the Tiger Woods ones still haunt my dreams.

Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell/Getty