Almost a week after her now-legendary (and infamous) New Year's Eve performance in Times Square, Mariah released an audio clip of herself to her Twitter, where she announces to her Lambily that she will be taking a break from the spotlight.

The pop icon begins her softly-voiced message by saying "in time" she will talk to us about the details surrounding her New Year's Rockin' Eve disaster, but maintains that she was sabotaged and "humiliated" by Dick Clark productions for viral attention.

"They foiled me," she says, of the network.

She adds that she's taking a break from "media moments," and "social media moments," which is something new for the star, who all know LOVES a good moment.

Mimi will return to form like a phoenix for her Sweet Fantasy world tour, which begins in March.

Listen below.

Header photo taken from Mariah's tweet