Manu Rios' Quarantine Diary in Madrid
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Manu Rios' Quarantine Diary in Madrid

Like the rest of Spain, 21-year-old entertainer Manu Rios is stuck inside and under strict lockdown. The situation under COVID-19 isn't ideal for anyone, but Rios is keeping more than six million of his online followers fed with live acoustic videos and the occasional — but completely vital — thirst trap. Content is all we have at this point, so we're leaning in.

If you don't know Rios, give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe to his YouTube. You will soon enough. The Madrid-based singer, model and actor's career started at age nine on a Spanish show, Cantando en Familia, which launched him into popularity and helped land him a touring role as Gavroche in Les Miserables.

Now a favorite of designers like Dior and Calvin Klein, Rios is using his internet platform to focus on piano and guitar-based music in the vein of Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey, whom he cites as inspiration. Just today, he uploaded an Amy Winehouse cover, which prompted the very necessary response from one relatable fan: "You can run me over with a bus and I'll say thank u."

Below, Manu Rios snapped photos for PAPER inside his apartment under quarantine. Somehow he makes things like brushing teeth and reading books look a little less boring. Happy scrolling!

Morning Routine

Photos courtesy of Manu Rios/ Alexis Cold