Manish Arora's Glam, Dystopian Future

Manish Arora's Glam, Dystopian Future

Story by Kristen Bateman / Photography by Sonny Vandevelde

The dystopian future has fast become a recurring theme of exploration for designers this season. Both Alexa Chung and Marine Serre created clothes for the post-apocalyptic world, and now Manish Arora sent a collection that looked like it could have been straight out of a fashionable version of Mad Max down the runway. Set inside the American Cathedral in Paris, models wore insanely intricate hand sequined garments with faux furs that lit up and changed colors and masks and headpieces, such as one that trailed smoke behind it as incense burned down the catwalk. Here's everything else you need to know about the collection.

Self-Love 101

Arora put a fun twist on the collection by including self-love slogans such as, "I am the one I have been waiting for," and "Everything you need is inside you." With such uplifting phrases, vibrant colors and an overall joyful spirit that literally brought one guest beside me to tears, the underlying hint at self-love was overwhelming.

Mind Bending Prints

Wherever there was a print — on jumpsuits, skirts, gowns, mini shorts, it was mind bending. Colors, shapes and forms created kaleidoscopic patterns that were unlike anything else we've seen at all of fashion month.

Sequin Future

Heavily embellished dresses and every other garment under the sun sparkled under the bright runway lights. The pieces were so intricate, you could hear them move.

Pink and Orange

The color palette was unbridled this season. A sea of greens, yellow and blues punctuated the collection. But the real predominant colors in the show were vibrant pinks and oranges. Not surprising from a designer that regularly states that pink and gold is his religion.

A Trip to Burning Man

Arora is a big fan of Burning Man. He goes every year and the show notes referenced a Mad Max, festival inspired world. With goggles, hoods, puffy coats, hats and the most unique masks — this collection seemed like armor for his next Burning Man visit.

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde