Converse Teams Up with Ultimate ​Cool Girl Brand MADEME

Converse Teams Up with Ultimate ​Cool Girl Brand MADEME

What are Instagram accounts like "@y2ktrashy," "@doyoulovethe2000s" and "@brunette2000sbitch" trying to tell you? The noughties are back, bitch (or maybe they never left), and no one knows this better than New York-based brand MadeMe, who have just been tapped for by Converse for their 00s cool.

It's unsurprising Converse recruited MADEME for the collection, particularly given creative director Erin Magee is a Supreme alum, working as Director of Development and Production for more than 11 years before branching off to form the brand. If the corduroy platform One Star sneakers weren't enough to have you hooked, there are also backpacks and halter crop-tops that could be straight out of a 2001 Mary-Kate and Ashley classic. Not to mention the quirky campaign stars your forever favorites Mayan Toledano and Lourdes Leon.

"A cool girl. Independent, who will take risks and not worry about what everyone else is wearing or doing," Erin Magee says of the collection's inspiration. "It's a girl who is attracted to authenticity and wants to explore street, rave, queer and '90s subculture."

See the full campaign and collection, below.

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