Lizzo Says Miley Cyrus Thanked Her for Twerking History TED Talk

Lizzo Says Miley Cyrus Thanked Her for Twerking History TED Talk

Lizzo made a meaningful impact on Miley Cyrus.

Last July, the "Truth Hurts" star gave an incredible TED Talk on twerking, in which she explained the dance's history and its personal meaning to her. So naturally, Lizzo spent a fair amount of time emphasizing the importance of remembering twerking's roots in Black culture, especially since the "movement of twerking" has helped shift widespread beauty standards.

"I grew up in an era where having a big ass wasn't mainstream," she said at the time, before citing Cyrus's headline-making 2013 VMAs performance as an example of how Black people are routinely "erased" from the narrative. And while some may have taken issue with being name-checked, it turns out the "Wrecking Ball" singer herself was extremely impressed by Lizzo's informative TED Talk.

"I mention Miley Cyrus in my TED Talk. And I'm very delicate with how I mention her because, at the end of the day, I didn't want to have any bias in the way I talked about how she brought twerking to mainstream," as Lizzo told People, adding that she mentioned Cyrus's performance in order to illustrate "how this thing spread like it did." And as proof of how effective her presentation was, the musician revealed that she recently ran into Cyrus who said, "'I watched your TED Talk and I really loved it. Thank you for that.'" Which is honestly how every conversation like this should go.

Watch Lizzo's TED Talk below.

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