Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Sparks Debate Over Fatphobic Double Standards

Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Sparks Debate Over Fatphobic Double Standards

Lizzo's outfit at a recent basketball game has sparked a huge online debate over fatphobic double standards.

Last night, Lizzo attended the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game, during which the Lakers girls did a halftime routine to her hit "Juice." So, naturally, the star decided to twerk along to the song and, in the process, revealed her booty-baring thong bottoms.

Needless to say, she looked amazing. Unfortunately though, it didn't take long for the look to go viral and for people to criticize her outfit.

From unsolicited concerns about subjecting "innocent families" to her butt to other comments about her "RAGGEDY AF" outfit, many began talking about how Lizzo was trying "too hard to push her [body positive] agenda."

Additionally, other critics claimed that their commentary had nothing to do with Lizzo's weight, with people defending themselves by saying, "that's not body shaming, you just doing too much."

That said, Lizzo also had her fair share of defenders. As many pointed out, there's a huge double standard at work surrounding the commentary, as there's an overt disparity between the way the internet talks about thinner celebrity bodies and Lizzo's.

But perhaps Bitch's Evette Dionne put it best, when she wrote that the scrutiny surrounding Lizzo stems from the fact that she "dares to transgress whatever boxes fat people are supposed to be confined in."

"Professional cheerleaders are typically half-dressed and performing dance routines at professional sporting events," Dionne continued. "It has never been cause for national panic. We see Lizzo's outfit and behavior as 'indecent' because of the body she exists in."

Either way, it doesn't appear as if Lizzo is too bothered by the criticism, if her latest tweet is any indication. See her response to all the hubbub, below.

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