Lizzo Calls Out Men Using Her to Name to Insult Other Women

Lizzo Calls Out Men Using Her to Name to Insult Other Women

You better keep Lizzo's name out of your mouth.

Anyone who's familiar with the "About Damn Time" singer knows that she's a vocal body positive icon, always ready to show off some skin with the kind of confidence every one of us should have. Unfortunately, this also means she's no stranger to the fatphobic trolls and a constant stream of nasty comments about her body and looks. If that wasn't gross enough though, they're now stooping to an even more disgusting low by using her name to insult other women. And you better believe, Lizzo herself had something to say about it.

Over the weekend, Lizzo took to Twitter with a pointed PSA for all the men who try to mock women online by comparing them to the star.

“Dudes be ugly w no bitches talking bout “oK LiZzO” as an insult in girls comments,” the Grammy winner wrote before pointing out that she's "beautiful" and "rich," all while getting "immaculate dick."

"ISSA COMPLIMENT," Lizzo went on to add. "If u can’t make it past the cheeks just say that.”

Granted, Lizzo always seems to have the perfect response when the haters come calling, previously hitting back at double standards critiques of men and women's bodies during an interview by pointing out, "We don't talk about your dick sizes, do we?

But the star doesn't just use her platform to have a conversation surrounding the misogynistic comments she receives from the "ugly" men, as she's also directly responded to these shitheads who weasel out of the woodwork whenever she wears a "revealing" outfit. Case and point? Her response to the furor surrounding her decision to twerk in a thong during a Lakers game.

"Your criticism has no effect on me. Negative criticism has no stake in my life," she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time, while appearing to compare the public's reaction to her thong versus Rihanna's see-through gown from the 2014 CFDA Awards.

"I'm the happiest I've ever been... I'm surrounded by love, and I just wanna spread that love. And also spread these cheeks," she added. "And if you really, really don't like my ass, you can kiss it."

Check out Lizzo's latest tweet below.

Photo via Getty / Noam Galai / GC Images