Lizzo Shuts Down Trolls Criticizing Her See-Through Dress

Lizzo Shuts Down Trolls Criticizing Her See-Through Dress

Lizzo is shutting down critics of her wardrobe — once again.

Earlier this week, the star attended Cardi B's birthday bash in a gorgeous see-through dress. And while all eyes should've been on how incredible she looked in all that crystal studding, it didn't take long for body shamers and fatphobic internet trolls to appears. However, Lizzo knew just what to say about the situation during an Instagram Live posted on Thursday.

"It's very funny to me that people are upset that I'm wearing a see-through outfit or that I'm twerking in a see-through outfit," the musician said, before wondering why her haters were wasting their energy on her.

"Don't you have bills to pay?" she asked. "Don't you got mouths to feed, including your own? Don't you have a life to live? Don't you want to fall in love and make friends? Don't you got shit to do? Go read the news bitch before I read you."

Not only that, but Lizzo also went on to tell them to watch their "motherfucking values," their "motherfucking [mouths]" and to "stay the fuck off my motherfucking page."

"Keep your comments to your motherfucking self, bitch. Let me do whatever the fuck I wanna do," Lizzo said, as she went on to reminiscence about the days when "people minded their own fucking business."

"Where people could just wear what they want and there wasn't a motherfucking parade or conversation or commentary about it," she continued.

That said, Lizzo then went on to conclude her Live with an important message about why she does what she does, explaining that "y'all continually disrespect human beings like it's a sport."

"It seems like every single day, somebody's disrespecting somebody on the Internet," she said. "Let people live, bro. Let people wear whatever the fuck they wanna wear." And we couldn't agree more.

Check out the video below.

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