Frank Ocean and Lizzo Found Each Other at the Met Gala

Frank Ocean and Lizzo Found Each Other at the Met Gala

Good morning! Welcome to the post-Met gala rehash of every look and glimmer of gossip. Many dreams came true last night, from the first drag queen to take the carpet to Gaga absolutely lobbing the gauntlet with her four-stage transformation. Of all the fairytales depicted however, my personal fantasy, is this photo of Frank Ocean giving Lizzo the gentlest kiss on the cheek.

Lizzo and Frank took very different approaches to Camp, but each slaughtered it. Frank swerved, doing the most by doing the least, in an understated in a Prada pullover jacket. He could've passed as a security guard, accessorizing with handheld digital camera (flipping the gaze on us!). Lizzo, meanwhile was triumphantly extra, per usual, in a Shirley MacLaine-inspired, Marc Jacobs flamingo get-up, paired with a bedazzled neon pink wig, and blushing beauty look. Like us, Lizzo loved her look so much, she put it back on (or never took it off?) to catch her flight at JFK in the morning.

This was Lizzo's first appearance (indubitably, of many) at the Met Gala while Frank is a veteran at this point. Unfortunately, their private conversation is a mystery to us, but in our fan fiction rendition, the two R&B futurists fangirled Prince and gossiped about everyone else's looks.

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