Linder's Romanov Romance

Linder's Romanov Romance

by Kristen Bateman

Inside the Salmagundi Art Club in the West Village, Linder presented its latest menswear collection to the tune of live violins under a decadent chandelier. Just three years ago, the duo behind the line, Sam Linder and Kirk Millar launched menswear (Linder previously started with womenswear and continues to churn out women's collections too) and Linder has since become of the most anticipated emerging menswear shows of New York Fashion Week. Here's everything else you need to know about Linder's fall 2019 collection.

Romanov Allegories

Linder's lead for menswear, Kirk Millar took inspiration from the Romanov family (reigning dynasty in Russia from 1613 until 1917) and juxtaposed it with the current state of fashion both aesthetically and conceptually. Millar thought about the power and the state of fashion (and its rise and fall) and how that fit into the context of such a powerful family as the Romanovs.

Trompe L'oeil Prints

To convey the luxury associated with Romanav lifestyle, Linder printed diamond gems on spandex leggings, cameos on boxer shorts and reinvented the art of the logo by offering up sweatshirts printed with what looked like a handwritten signature.

A New Landscape for Men's Accessories

There was no shortage of accessories in Linder's fall 2019 collection, and these may have been the most impactful signatures of the shows. Models wore silk printed scarves in all forms: wrapped around the head babushka style, tied around the neck in big bows, belted at the waist and tucked in or hanging low. Models were also topped off with crystal tiaras, earrings, hats and gloves.

A Royal Color Palette

Keeping to the theme, Linder looked to a simple but deep color palette of rich black, cream and beige topped off with stunning touches of red, a controversial and poignant color in Russian history.

Ballet Silhouettes

With slim-cut spandex leggings, little flat black shoes, and skintight jewel-printed tops, Linder appropriated silhouettes from ballet culture — a potential trend we saw earlier this week during the menswear shows when Palomo Spain looked to Ballet Russes for aesthetic value for its Fall 2019 show.

Photos courtesy of Kirk Millar/Linder