'Like A Virgin' Is Back To Queer Podcasting

'Like A Virgin' Is Back To Queer Podcasting

BYMatt WilleApr 11, 2023

Rose Dommu and Fran Tirado are back to terrorize the Spotify podcast charts once again. (We mean that in the best way!)

The duo's pop culture podcast, Like A Virgin, just premiered its second season — and this time around they're back with "more of everything." Having both recently relocated (back) to New York City, Tirado and Dommu are fresh-faced and ready to take on just about any queer cultural conversation that needs to be had.

Ahead of the second season's premiere, PAPER caught up with Dommu and Tirado to discuss The Hunger Games, music megatours and which of them is more problematic.

Happy season 2! Is there anything about the pod we can expect to be different this time around?

RD: We have MORE of everything: more opinions, more guests, more content. We just launched a Patreon so virgins can get a weekly extra bonus episode. We’re doing more live shows, launching merch. And we’ve both moved back to New York City, so we’re not miserable anymore, which makes the podcast a lot more fun.

FT: Emphasis on not miserable anymore. I think there’s this air of “oh, god, what will it be today?” energy residual in a lot of podcasts that started in the 2020s and Rose and I really kinda quietly reset how we talk about culture and each other to be something that is unserious, fun, unapologetically trans and queer — at the end of the day if we’re having fun, so are the virgins.

What topics are you most looking forward to covering this season?

FT: For me it’s 100% our Ugly Betty episode with thee Mark Indelicato, original child star of the show. I’m a devout Betty stan and hearing his inside scoop on the iconic telenovela really was a full-circle moment for baby Fran.

RD: There are already some great episodes in the can covering topics like fan fiction (with Ashley Reese), Anna Wintour (with Mikelle Street), The Golden Girls (with Bobby Finger). And we’re finally doing a Madonna episode with Louis Virtel, which is a long time coming considering the name of the show — please don’t sue us, mom!

Are there any topics you absolutely refuse to cover on the pod?

RD: We try to keep an open mind with topics, but there are certain things where everything that can be said has been said and we really wouldn’t be adding anything to the conversation.

FT: Maybe something very het culture. Like if someone came to the podcast and asked to watch, like Entourage. I dunno about that.

What’s the queerest thing that’s happened in pop culture this year so far?

RD: Frankie Grande’s gollum impression on S2E3 of our podcast.

FT: Murray Bartlett telling Nick Offerman to wash his ass on The Last of Us.

If you could only choose to see one megatour this year: Madonna, Taylor Swift, or Beyoncé? Why?

RD: Choosing is so binary, I want to see them all! Publicists if you’re reading this we are totally willing to devote entire episodes to these girlies — actually we already have — in exchange for tickets. But if I’m being really honest... I need to see the Eras tour and sob during the folklore section.

FT: The correct answer is Beyoncé.

Do you claim any responsibility for the Hunger Games resurgence we’re currently experiencing?

RD: Yes. I am President Snow and you’re all going to die. Happy Hunger Games! Team Peeta!

FT: And I will claim the inevitable Ugly Betty rewatch culture that our show will instate.

Which of you is more problematic?

RD: Definitely me.

FT: I mean, depends on the day!

Photos by Justin J. Wee