Liily Want More, More, More

Liily Want More, More, More

By Erica CampbellMay 17, 2024

According to Liily, their new track “More” was "pretty simple" to put together.

"It was created with many of the tracks on the EP," they tell PAPER. "It started with a sampled loop of bass and drums; melodically and lyrically, it all just easily spilled out. We didn’t have much trouble conceptualizing or executing what we had to say, as we wanted to keep the lyrics super simple, direct and intentional, straying away from nuance. The opposing styles of verse singing and chorus shouting felt necessary." Comprised of singer Dylan Nash, drummer Maxx Morando (who we've seen gracing the Grammys red carpet with girlfriend Miley Cyrus) guitarist Sam De La Torre and bassist Charlie Anastasis, the band has spent the past couple of years pushing to release new music before deciding to do it all independently.

The track slowly climbs, bursting over a buoyant baseline. According to Nash, the track was inspired by an internal struggle and "seeing all of our peers consistently put out music while we sit back lifeless, sinking further into obscurity.” But now, the band are back with a new video, premiering today on PAPER and a new self-titled EP, out next month.

Below, they tell us about going independent, the desire to make new music and what we can expect next from Liily.

It’s been two years since the release of your debut LP — was the desire to put out new music a driving force behind the lyrics of “More”? In what way?

It was every bit the influence. We’ve spent so much time from our last record til now not being an active band. It matured us, although I do feel like a lot of our time was wasted. I’m lucky that an EP was able to spawn from that, more specifically, a song like “More” that, to me, illustrates our unique struggle of being in release gridlock and going every day, not knowing if our music is gonna come out in a year or 10 years. It may sound melodramatic but it’s the truth.

Your self-titled EP is your first without management or a label. What was that process like — doing it on your own?

Being independent has made my sense of agency over the band grow stronger. There are struggles that come with it but nothing that’s considered monumental. In our early years as a band we were unsigned, playing a house or warehouse show every couple of weeks but never put out music, so the distribution side of things is all very new to me. All in all I’d say our new career as an independent band has had far more positive traits than negative ones. We’re lucky to have built a strong community of music people whom we love and respect and who were willing to give their time to help us grow on this angular path that we are embarking on.

How are you feeling in the lead-up to the EP release? What are your plans between now and June 14?

We’re all beyond stoked to be putting out music. Especially a compilation of songs having not done so in so long. It’s made us want to put more things on our calendar whether they’re community building or ways of promoting the ep. I (Dylan) am getting surgery soon so I’m kind of out of commission for a month and a half but we have tours in the works for right when I’m able to jump on stage again.

I read that you recorded the EP in an Airstream — what was that recording process like?

The process of recording the EP in an airstream was an interesting one. It was our first project where we didn’t record all together “live” in a big fancy studio. There was a lot of “di” recording, fewer drum mics than usual (which arguably made the drums sound cooler), and a sense of us relinquishing our seriousness, knowing that we weren’t working on someone else’s dime. Our producers, Austin Corona and Wyatt Bernard, encapsulated what we feel is the closest sound to our live show that we’ve ever achieved. They’re so close in age to us, therefore seem to understand us better than most music people. They also just happened to be our friends before we became creative partners so that helped the process go super smoothly.

What are you most excited to share with your fans next? What’s next for Liily?

First and foremost, we’re excited to share this EP with the world. It’s by far our favorite project. We’re also excited to be actively touring and putting out music again. This EP is just the start of many projects to come in the near future.

Photography: Andie Jane / Dylan Massara