Lady Gaga Is Selling 'Chromatica' Jockstraps

Lady Gaga Is Selling 'Chromatica' Jockstraps

Apparently on Chromatica, all inhabitants wear jockstraps. Chic, no?

The month of May must belong to Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, because they're getting surprised left and right by the pop star for her newest era. Although there was some delay of the rollout for her upcoming album Chromatica due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, the singer is done wasting time and announced last week that her album would be coming out ASAP — mark your calendars for May 29. Now, she's following up the surprise with a line of merchandise and bundles that only Lady Gaga could market successfully.

In addition to a huge pillow and an "It's a Sine" mug, a likely reference to her forthcoming song with Elton John, "Sine from Above," she's also manufactured a particular piece of fan merchandise that no gay icon has dared touch — until now. Enter, the official Chromatica-branded "ENERGY" jockstrap and thong. Bundled with a digital copy of the album, the jockstrap retails for $30 and the thong for $20.

While you may not get to wear the neon pink underwear to NYC Pride events this year, considering all circuit parties and marches are cancelled because of the coronavirus, you need at least seven pairs for each day of the week while you #StayTheFuckHome and social distance. Consider it a gift to yourself after all this waiting post-Joanne. You deserve it.

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