Kylie Jenner Responds to Fan Accusing Her of Trying to Be 'Relatable'

Kylie Jenner Responds to Fan Accusing Her of Trying to Be 'Relatable'

Kylie Jenner is trying to prove that she's just like us.

Earlier this week, the makeup mogul took to her TikTok to post a two minute-long video of herself showing off her new collection of Kylie Cosmetics lip kits while sitting in her car behind the steering wheel, during which she accidentally dropped her phone mid-application. And while we've all experienced a case of the butterfingers before, a few fans were skeptical about the authenticity of Jenner's phone tumble, to the point where one person even went so far as to accuse her of trying to pander to her audience by doing something "relatable."

"This is something Emma Chamberlain would post," as TikTok user @plasticchandler said in a clip attached to a stitch of the 25-year-old star's original video. "And I just think it's interesting because, it's like, you're a billionaire, girl! Why are you reviewing lip kits in your car when you live in a multimillion-dollar home?"

Not only that, but @plasticchandler then accused Jenner of faking the entire thing, saying that "you did not just go to the store and pick that up" and "you didn't get home from somewhere and get it from your mailbox."

They added, "That was very deliberate of you going to your car to do that, and the phone drop was kind of cringey. This is not something Kylie Jenner does on the normal, I promise she doesn't just sit in her car."

However, Jenner eventually ended up addressing the accusation herself after @plasticchandler's TikTok started to gain traction, insisting that it was "really not that deep or calculated" in the comments section.

"this video took me 5 mins to make," she said alongside a cry laughing emoji. "and yes i still drive and do normal things."

See her response via @plasticchandler's TikTok bellow.

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