Kris Jenner Wants to Be Cremated Into Jewelry

Kris Jenner Wants to Be Cremated Into Jewelry

Quick, say this five times fast: Kris corpse necklace!

It is our duty to report on Kris Jenner’s antics at this point since it seems like every week she goes on Keeping Up With The Kardashiansand perplexes us. The other week, she bought several hundred dollars worth of edibles and was high as a kite at a family dinner.

At this point, we’ve learned so much about this family (some of it against our will). Why not find out their death plans?​

In last night’s episode, the matriarch of the Jenner/Kardashian clan got hip surgery and it prompted a discussion of death (as it usually does). Kris revealed that Kim wants the doctor to save her bones upon her death so she can have a necklace to memorialize everyone's favorite momager. Kylie, who was on the phone with Kris, said what we were all thinking: it's kinda creepy.

Khloé chimed in and remembered that Kris used to say she will get cremated and have the ashes made into necklaces for all of her children. She then echoed Kylie's thoughts and said it was a bit strange.

However, cremation isn't exactly on the cards for everyone. Kylie doesn't want her mother to be turned into ashes. While many religions have softened their views toward the practice, there is still belief amongst some Christians that cremation prevents resurrection when Jesus returns. Again, Khloé comes in with what we're all thinking and says "I feel like, as Jesus, he should be able to figure out how to resurrect cremated people easily enough."

The idea seems to have been implanted into her after an encounter with a fan in 2018. Kris spotted her ring and was intrigued when the fan's friend said "That's her grandmother!" A fascinated Jenner tried the ring on with a mixture of fascination and repulsion, eventually realizing that there's more than being stuffed into a dark box in the dirt.

Whatever the Kardashians choose, we hope their wishes are respected. I don't think we have the ability to enforce it, but we can sure hope!

Photo courtesy of Carl Timpone/BFA