Knorts Is Denim Knitwear for the Jeans-Averse

Knorts Is Denim Knitwear for the Jeans-Averse

If you're not familiar, Knorts is a portmanteau of "knit" and "shorts," and Los Angeles' coolest brand of comfy yet sexy pseudo-denim. Made of indigo-dyed yarn, the fabric resembles the wash lines, creases, fading and fringes of denim, but lends itself to unrestricted movement, diverse patterns, and flattering shapes of pants, dresses, tops for bodies of all sizes.

Founded by designer Eleanore Guthrie, Knorts, which offers everything from bike shorts to bell bottoms to bra tops to unitards, have been championed by Lady Gaga, SZA, Kali Uchis, Madison Beer, Jorja Smith, Slick Woods and @jstlbby, who wore a Knorts dress for her PAPER shoot.

But for the first time, the extremely online brand is venturing into the brick and mortar world. Knorts is opening up their private studio where shoppers can come to try on and interact with the designs, learn about the brand and even meet with Guthrie for a personal styling.

To celebrate the launch, the brand enlisted Cory Nixon to direct an utterly hilarious commercial, imbued with the playful sense of humor intrinsic to the brand: a tribute to hyper-sexual, soft porno denim ads of the 90's. From the washed out grainy quality, to the infomercial invitation "Call now! (213) 529-6118," to the twinkly new wave pop, to the hair-twirling and lip-biting, it's a wild ride.

Check it out, as well as the new Knorts studio (they really do want you to call that number), open to shoppers now.

Photo courtesy of Knorts