Pete Davidson Has the Instagram Boyfriend Role Down

Pete Davidson Has the Instagram Boyfriend Role Down

by Hedy Phillips

Dating Kim Kardashian means mastering the role of Instagram boyfriend. For Pete Davidson, he’s settled in nicely and Kardashian totally approves. The two are on vacation right now, and Kardashian shared a collection of photos and videos of them twinning in their black swimwear and enjoying the water. In the additional pics and vids in her Instagram Stories, Kardashian shared on with the caption, “He passed the content taking boyfriend test.” OK then!

Though Davidson is in some of the photos with Kardashian, in the ones of just her, you can see Davidson’s shadow, where he’s dutifully filming her. The stack of photos in her Instagram feed are simply captioned, “beach for 2,” and include gorgeous scenery — and the couple just enjoying each other’s company.

The SKIMS creator also put a telling song behind part of her Instagram Stories: “So This Is Love” by Ilene Woods and Mike Douglas. Perhaps Kardashian is feeling the love for her boyfriend. With the gorgeous tropical background behind them on vacation and the intimacy of their beach outing, who could blame her?

Kardashian and Davidson have been linked since her appearance on Saturday Night Live in October but took their time making their romance Instagram official. It wasn’t until March that she shared a picture of the two of them together, though all the public appearances before that made it pretty clear to fans that they were dating. Amid it all, Kardashian’s been dealing with her divorce from Kanye West, who was particularly harsh on his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.

Now that Kardashian has been declared legally single and has distanced herself from West, her relationship with Davidson has certainly heated up. He accompanied her to the Met Gala and the premiere of her family’s new show, not to mention the vacation they’re currently on. Davidson’s totally nailing the Instagram boyfriend thing already and seems right at home by her side at her various outings, and we honestly love that for both of them.

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