Khloé Kardashian Says She's 'Afraid' to Post Photos of Herself

Khloé Kardashian Says She's 'Afraid' to Post Photos of Herself

Khloé Kardashian says she's scared to post photos of herself.

On a recent episode of The Kardashians, the reality star sat down with best friend Malika Hagg to talk about how anxious she felt over a then-upcoming appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

"I just have such anxiety about going. It's never the interview, it's more the aftermath. I have to listen to everybody say this, or judge you, or overanalyze something you say, or pick this apart," she said. "This shit used to be fun."

Khloé then went on to explain that while "social media used to be fun and silly," it's now a bunch of trolls and critics, whether they're commenting on her hair or her relationship with Tristan Thompson amid his paternity scandal. And it's apparently "gotten to the point where it's literally safer to stay at home."

"Saying a mantra like 'Fuck the haters, tune them out,' yes, I think that's obviously everyone's goal but it's so much easier said than done," she said. But while she later said it does feel "much better talking it through" this kind of stuff with friends like Malika, it's still "so easy for people to say, 'You don't know them, don't pay attention.'"

"Trust me, I try not to but when I walk down the street and then even paparazzi is heckling at you the same things you're trying to avoid, it's so deteriorating on your self-esteem, your confidence, the way you view yourself," she said, before revealing that she also has "anxiety to post photos on Instagram, even when I'm like, 'I barely did retouching.'"

Khloé continued, "But I'm so afraid to post it because people are gonna say I did this." After all, the Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to intense public scrutiny surrounding their photos, including Khloé, who was most recently called out for editing her daughter into some photos.

However, the star was comforted by Kris Jenner — who noted in a confessional that Khloé does "internalize" a lot of the comments — prior to the show's taping. But what she found the most helpful was the dressing room pep talk she got from James, during which he reminded her that "none of these things are about you."

"Anybody who's like that, it's only a representation and a reflection of them. That's it, it's nothing to do with you. How could anyone judge anyone when they don't even know them? So you become something else in their mind," he said. "It doesn't matter. These words only exist if I give them any power."

Photo via Getty / Kevin Mazur