O.J. Simpson Denies Rumor That He's Khloé Kardashian's Father

O.J. Simpson Denies Rumor That He's Khloé Kardashian's Father

O.J. Simpson, you are NOT the father.

The former Buffalo Bills star recently appeared on the Full Send podcast hosted by Kyle Forgeard to iron out some rumors, including the longstanding gossip that he cozied up to Kris Jenner and subsequently fathered Khloé Kardashian with her.

"People have their types, right? I always thought Kris was a cute girl," Simpson reassures. "But I was dating supermodels."

Kardashian has also tried to shut down the rumors after being inundated with social media comments commenting on the resemblance she shares with Simpson, calling the people who believe it "assholes."

For the uninitiated, Jenner's then-husband Robert Kardashian was a close friend of Simpson. When Simpson was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Robert Goldman, Robert not only supported him but he also joined his defense team. He was found not guilty.

Before Robert died of throat cancer in 2003, he had four children with his first wife, Jenner, who became the highly influential reality stars we know them as today.

So why do people even think that Simpson is Khloé Kardashian's dad? Armchair genealogists cite her difference in appearance compared to her sisters, Kim and Kourtney. The difference was especially prominent when they were children because Khloé had lighter, curlier hair.

The rumors only got stronger when Robert's wife prior to his death, Ellen Pierson, claimed that he revealed to her that Khloé was not actually his. His other ex-wife, Jan Ashley, came forward and said she was told the same thing. According to court documents when he annulled his marriage with Ashley, he claimed Khloé as one of his biological children.

Jenner isn't completely innocent either. In her 2011, the famous momager released her tell-all memoir, Kris Jenner... and All Things Kardashian. In the book, she opens up about the scandalous affair with tennis instructor Todd Waterman that ultimately ended her marriage with Kardashian.

Let's see if this rumor can be put to bed once and for all.

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