Kendall Jenner Fends Off Toe Comments on Instagram

Kendall Jenner Fends Off Toe Comments on Instagram

Kendall Jenner already knows what to expect from the internet, and she's just trying to get ahead of any crazy comments.

The supermodel and The Kardashians reality star posted new photos of herself in a parking garage, wearing a gorgeous, body-hugging, multicolored dress. And she decided to pair the frock with black, platform flip-flops, leaving her feet exposed for all the public to see.

Before anyone could say anything, she already captioned the photo, "i'm blocking all toe comments."

Of course, this was a tempting invitation for all her sisters to get in on the action. Kylie Jenner took to the comments section and wrote, "I love them", alongside two foot emojis. Khloé Kardashian also followed suit, and said, "Hahahaha even from me??" She added, "I love your big ass toe."

Momager Kris Jenner was the only one who kept things clean, simply writing, "God I love you."

Other friends found Jenner's caption hilarious, including one of her best friends, super model Hailey Bieber who commented, "Lmfaooooo."

While all of this may just be fun and games, the foot fetish industry is a serious moneymaking industry on social media. Reports from over the past few years say that creators on Instagram have made big bucks from showing off their little piggies. In 2020, Business Insiderwrote a piece about a foot fetish model who made $115,000 in a year just from her pretty feet.

So we can't blame Kenny for trying to protect her toes. Though it seems she may have drawn more attention to them. One commenter said that they zoomed in on the photo because of her chosen caption.

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