Keke Palmer Is a National Treasure

Keke Palmer Is a National Treasure

by Bailey Richards

National spelling bee champion. Hot Chili Steppers frontwoman. Vice president of a fashion company. Keke Palmer gave us more iconic roles before the age of 15 than most actors do in their entire careers. Now, add “horror icon” to that already overflowing resume and top it off with the actress’s style, charm and endless quotability, and you’ve got the perfect celebrity.

Ahead of her lead role in Jordan Peele’s upcoming thriller Nope, Palmer has been doing what — besides acting, of course — she does best: giving us enough memes and soundbites to fuel Twitter for months.

In a recent Vanity Fair interview, Palmer provided an epic follow-up to her iconic 2019 “I don’t know who this man is”, saying “who the hell are they?” in response to a Nope fan theory about The X Files’ Scully and Mulder. One thing about Palmer is she’s going to be honest. Another viral moment came from a recent Glamour interview. The star described herself as fun and then, in an ever-so-relatable fashion, immediately second guessed herself: “Damn it seem like all I do is go to the cinema. Am I fun?” (Our answer is a resounding “yes.”)

Her recent WIRED Autocomplete Interview was also a goldmine of legendary new Palmer moments. “Aw, shit. They thought I was dead,” is an instant classic of “I know it ain’t the Stallion” proportions. Her Halle Berry mention in the interview also went viral and Catwoman herself responded. She also did her iconic Angela Bassett impression, which is always a hit, and talked about her child acting days:

“I did a little company-hoppin’ back and forth between Disney and Nickelodeon,” Palmer said. “I said, ‘Who’s cuttin’ a check?’”

Outside of her funny interview moments, the actress has also been trending for her acting chops, and specifically her performance in Nope. She has been called the MVP — not to be confused with True Jackson, VP — of the the movie, which also stars Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun. Lil Nas X tweeted about his excitement to see Palmer — who he dubbed a legend — in the film, and Issa Rae said the Hustlers actress can make anything entertaining. We agree. Our love for Palmer is so strong that it rivals even Glee himbo Sam Evans’ love for her iconic Nickelodeon show.

Photo via Getty/ Gareth Cattermole