Keke Palmer Shuts Down Trolls Calling Her 'Ugly' Without Makeup

Keke Palmer Shuts Down Trolls Calling Her 'Ugly' Without Makeup

Keke Palmer just shut down some gross commentary about her appearance.

It all started when the Nope star revealed on Twitter that she was being criticized for her decision to step out sans makeup by a handful of hateful commenters.

“I just saw a few comments of ppl saying I was ugly cause I wasn’t wearing any makeup,” Palmer wrote on Tuesday morning, likely addressing the online response to pics taken during her recent date night with boyfriend Darius Jackson at the New York Rangers game. But even so, Palmer didn't seem extremely bothered by the critique, as she went on tell the dumb-dumbs that she's still the same person — whether she's wearing her lashes or not.

“And I really want y’all to get the help y’all need because makeup isn’t real," she also added, basically telling them that their efforts to bring her down weren't working. "I’m beautiful in real life, because of who I am, not what I look like."

Not only that, but Palmer continued to talk about the issue in a follow-up tweet, in which she talked about the importance of self-confidence, especially in situations like this.

“I wish I could bottle how I feel about myself and sell it. Because some people take comments to heart and these ppl just say anything," she said. "I mean truly it’s insane to say anyone is ugly."

Palmer continued, "But especially me.”

Granted, we bet there's not a lot that can damper the Emmy Award-winner's spirit right now, as Palmer's rebuke comes on the heels of announcing her pregnancy during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this past weekend. The baby, who is due sometime in 2023, will be her first child with Jackson.

Check out both of Palmer's tweets about the makeup criticism below.

Photo via Getty / Stuart C. Wilson