Keke Palmer Says She's a Service Sub
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Keke Palmer Says She's a Service Sub

Fresh off an extremely fashionable press tour for Nope, Keke Palmer is opening up about her proclivities in the bedroom.

Making an appearance on the most recent episode of the Whoreible Decisions podcast, Palmer took the time to get candid about her sex life and porn preferences with co-hosts Weezy and Mandii B. “I only like girl-on-girl porn because it’s nice and beautiful,” Palmer revealed, going on to elaborate that she appreciates the "delicacy of the arrangement" and typically shies away from "all that rough stuff," saying that “porn has ruined the idea of sex.”

Palmer delved deeper into the details of her own sex life, admitting that she tends to favor taking a "submissive role" in bed considering she's “already bossy in real-time.” Identifying as more of a "sub girl," Palmer explained, “I feel like, definitely, when I’m in an intimate space with someone, I’m very much so, like, ‘At your service.'” As to whether she engages in any role play, Palmer admitted that her scenarios frequently “turn into a rom-com,” offering a hilarious high school reunion anecdote as an example.

Sharing a clip of the interview on her Instagram, Palmer wrote about her excitement to record the podcast. "Sex is a fun topic and it’s so awesome to hear other perspectives and how our sexual personality differs or is the same as what your outward personality is," she wrote. "It was fun sharing a piece of this part of myself with you two, I would do it again."

Check out the full Keke Palmer interview on the latest episode of Whoreible Decisions below.

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