Ke Huy Quan, Harrison Ford's 'Indiana Jones' Reunion Made Everyone Cry​

Ke Huy Quan, Harrison Ford's 'Indiana Jones' Reunion Made Everyone Cry​

Ke Huy Quan left everyone sobbing with a little help from Harrison Ford.

After spending this entire awards season being the most wholesome human alive, the Everything Everywhere All at Oncestar capped things off by making us tear up once last time after the critically acclaimed A24 film swept the 2023 Oscars.

Earlier in the night, the history-making actor already made the internet a little teary-eyed with his emotional acceptance for Best Supporting Actor. That said, Twitter users turned into an actual blubbering mess when Everything Everywhere All at Once ended up taking home the title of Best Picture and realized that meant Ford — who was presenting the award — would be able to have an on-stage reunion with his former co-star.

For a little context, Quan has been the feel-good story of this awards season. A former refugee who immigrated to the US when he was young, the now 51-year-old made his feature film debut at 12 opposite Ford in 1984's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where he played the archaeologist's adorable sidekick, Short Round. But given Hollywood's dearth of Asian representation, the former child star wasn't able to find work as the years went on, eventually leading to 20 years behind the camera... at least until now.

So in what can only be called a truly beautiful full circle moment, Quan was able to celebrate his big comeback in the most heartwarming way possible: by hustling on-stage to give Dr. Jones a tight embrace and kiss on the cheek, all while bouncing around like a sweet little kid. And the result? Thousands of tweets with photos and posts about the incredible moment, which had everyone "high key crying" for obvious reasons.

Even Temple of Doom director Steven Spielberg looked on like a proud papa, despite Everything Everywhere All at Once beating out his semi-autobiographical film, The Fabelmans, for Best Picture. In fact, the infamously grouchy Ford probably also shed a tear or two himself, because as one person joked, "Ke Huy Quan deserves another award for making Harrison Ford genuinely smile while doing something other than piloting a small fixed-wing aircraft." And talk about an achievement.

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