Katy Perry Criticized For Promoting Her Dad's 'Nonpartisan' Clothing Line

Katy Perry Criticized For Promoting Her Dad's 'Nonpartisan' Clothing Line

Katy Perry is under fire after promoting her dad and brother's "nonpartisan" clothing line.

This past weekend, the star took to her Twitter to post a clip of her preacher father, Keith Hudson, talking about Nothing But American, the clothing line he started with her younger brother David following the 2020 election.

"We haven't always seen [eye to eye] but I'm proud of my dad n bro for coming up with this!," she wrote above the video, in which Keith explains that he is trying to end the partisan "division that is destroying our country."

In the ad, Keith goes on to ask if viewers "are you sick of losing your family and friends because they just don't agree with your political views?," before showing off the first design, which shows empty boxes next to a GOP elephant and Democratic Party donkey, but a filled-in box next to the American flag. According to the Nothing But American website, there is also another shirt which simply reads, "Not a Republican, Not a Democrat, I Am an American."

"At the end of the day we're all Americans," he continued, "Because I want people to know that, even though you may have a different religion or political view than I do, I still will be there for you and I'll still consider you my friend, my neighbor and my fellow America."

However, given Keith's well-publicized history as a conservative and Trump supporter, many fans were less than pleased with the star's endorsement of his new clothing endeavor.

"This ain't it! Please no! When someone voted for Trump & Co... they're voting for Homophobia, Racist and so much more! It's nothing American about that!" one critic wrote in the comment section of her Instagram post, while another added that, "This is not about political differences, this is about human rights!"

On Twitter, many others also expressed their disappointment by writing things like "Katy what is this luv he voted against my existence I ain't got nothing else to say" and "Damn you really woke up and said 'Fuck the few gay fans I have left' huh?"

Meanwhile, one fan pointed out that it was "[her] privilege" which allowed her to even be "able to speak to your family even if they are Republicans or conservatives."

"Most of us feel threatened by those people," as one person added. "So thats why you need to stop to spread the 'love your conservative parents' propaganda."

And some also appeared to take aim at Katy's controversial tweet about how she reached out to her conservative family members immediately after Biden won the election.

Katy has yet to respond to the backlash. In the meantime though, you can see what else people are saying about her Nothing But American plug, below.

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