Remember lucite? It was that thing we all wanted until we suddenly didn't anymore, but Katy Perry, popstar and fan of most that is on it's way out, is still flying the lucite flag and making old pal Hillary Clinton do so also.

Which to be quite honest, is fine by me. Putting Hillary Clinton in shoes that make her look like a freelance beauty writer about to hit up Up&Down is everything one could ever hope for. "The Hillary" shoe which Hillary Clinton is pictured wearing are pale pink suede with little gold stars and moons floating in some kind of jelly substance within the heel. I'm here for it.

These puppies will only set you back $139 USD, so if you're a Katy Perry stan with an American politics fascination, "The Hillary" may just be a bit of you. Of course, they're also 25% off.

Of course, if you are sans political agenda and lucite is (still) your jam, there's always Public Desire. Happy days.

[h/t Teen Vogue]
Image via Instagram

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