Kanye West Won't Let His Daughters Keep Him From Pornhub
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Kanye West Won't Let His Daughters Keep Him From Pornhub

In one of his most lucid interviews in recent memory, reported billionaire Kanye West has returned to the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live to weigh in on Trump's ethics, our obsession with the past and whether fathering daughters have updated his view on women — spoiler alert, "Nah."

In response to whether or not his little girls, North and Chicago, have changed West's "attitude" towards the opposite sex, West was quick to claim it hadn't, specifically in the sense that he still watches Pornhub. "Nah, I still look at Pornhub," he begins before musing, "Let's break down the porn categories. A lot of black on white obviously... my own reality."

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There's an ongoing misconception that mothers and fathers should be expected to no longer engage in sexual content or express their sexuality after having a child. What's concerning is that West obviously considers pornography damaging to women, and "even after having daughters of his own" continues to engage with it. He could, however, accept sex work as a valid and natural career for women and men alike, in which case daughters would not affect his relationship with the porn.

Of course, West has a history with openly expressing his hypocritical ideas of women. He once tweeted he needed "30 showers" after ending relations with his long-term partner and former sex worker Amber Rose before dating now-wife Kim Kardashian, despite pursuing her after she appeared in one of his videos.

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To the former point, the final track on Yeis dedicated to North and the power of burgeoning beauty. West pleads that his child doesn't partake in yoga to avoid the possibility of her body becoming sexually attractive to men, as opposed to empowering her to live as she pleases. He says that fatherhood has taught him to see women as something to "nurture" rather than "conquer" — a revelation that came depressingly late for a man so influential.

Regardless, Pornhub is probably pleased. Watch the full interview, below.

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