Kanye West Is On A Wyoming Mountaintop, Working On A New Album
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Kanye West Is On A Wyoming Mountaintop, Working On A New Album

The world's had a bit less sparkle since Kanye West took some much-needed time out of the spotlight. He hasn't performed a show since his hospitalization for "temporary psychosis" last November, he was MIA for his Yeezy runway show in February, he blew off the MET Gala, and just days ago, he deleted all of his social media accounts. It was beginning to look for a minute like all the Kanye we'd get in 2017 was a children's clothing line, but take heart fellow Kanye apologists! According to the gossip goblinz over at TMZ, Kanye deleted his social media to pull in focus, because he's deep in the creative process for a new album at a Wyoming mountaintop retreat. He's making his Joanne!

TMZ mercifully decided not to disclose his exact location, so as not to mess with his flow, and reports that he's already been in Wyoming for two weeks. Obviously he's staying at literally the fanciest place on earth with thoroughbred horse butlers, but obviously it's more fun to imagine that he's in a hilarious fish-out-of-water situation at a Laramie AirBnB. Or maybe he's just living out his Bound 2 fantasy. Either way, come back soon with that music now, ya hear?

Splash image via BFA

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