Kaimin's First Lingerie Line Is a Slutty Ode to Queer Nightlife

Kaimin's First Lingerie Line Is a Slutty Ode to Queer Nightlife

Since launching in 2016, Kaimin's futuristic cyber goddess looks have been worn by some of the most outlandish women in entertainment, from Björk to Lady Gaga, all of whom gravitate toward the brand's conceptual and intergalactic aesthetic.

A few years ago, the label added a diffusion ready-to-wear label called SLFF with a focus on more commercial pieces and denim but still with it signature high-tech spin. Now, Kaimin is adding lingerie to the mix and kicking things off in a big way.

Billed as a "crossover fashion lingerie for all," the nightlife-inspired collection is for both men and women and utilizes lace and 24K gold hardware that are both made in France. The lace is imbued with a high gloss, wet-looking silicone for an elevated and futuristic appearance.

For Kyungah Min, founder of Kaimin, lingerie has always been a big inspiration for her design aesthetic and she's long used many lingerie techniques in her main couture line.

"There are so many cool design ideas in the lingerie world and I've always felt it's a pity that these intricate, sexy and fun garments are traditionally confined to the bedroom, which led me to create our own lingerie line with the aim to bring these cool details and concepts to more open situations," she tells PAPER.

To mark the new category launch, Kaimin tapped a cast of fabulous queer artists and creatives to front the campaign, including Aquaria, Tanerélle, Dana Dentata and Julia Logan.

"We worked with an amazing cast and creative team to visualize our lingerie's vision and I was very excited to find a perfect and powerful embodiment of the SLFF KAIMIN principles," she says. "As you can see, it's all about persona, inner strength and attitude, no matter who you are or what kind of background you have."

The brand also launched a new website to coincide with the lingerie debut. "I simply want to make the world, including myself, as slutty as possible (haha) and empower and instill confidence in ourselves," she says.

See the full lingerie shoot, below.

Jalen Dominique


Photography: Caleb and Gladys

Styling: Ron Hartleben

Hair: Ward Stegerhoek

Makeup: Romero Jennings with official support by MAC cosmetics/ Sil Bruinsma

Videographer: Frankie Turiano


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Photography: Caleb and Gladys

Styling: Benji Carlisle

Hair: Gregg Lennon Jr

Makeup: John Stapleton with official support by MAC cosmetics

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