This Futuristic Designer Is Taking Your Blue Jeans to Outer Space

This Futuristic Designer Is Taking Your Blue Jeans to Outer Space

Kyungah Min is the New York-based mastermind behind some of the most outstanding stage costumes for your musical faves like Björk and Lady Gaga, to name a few. While she's no stranger to creating intergalactic looks that fuse technology with fashion since launching in 2016, the conceptual designer is expanding on her vision and giving the most classic items in our wardrobes the Kaimin spin. At the Spring 2020 show at NYFW, she showed an astounding collection of looks with models sporting animal heads coiffed from hair and other intricate material-mixing.

What was perhaps most unexpected from her Spring collection was the fact that the sexy space-aged designer dropped down to earth, showing a brand new commercial denim line called SLFF (pronounced "self"). These aren't your mother's blue jeans, though: the "Stratasys x KAIMIN" 3D Print Denim Capsule Collection features 3D textiles printed directly on the denim looks, which has never been done before. The collection's intentions are mapped out in simply stated yet abstract directives aiming to "Refract different versions of self; Mutate desire and identity; Evolve in spirit and form." Leave it to Min to take it to the next level.

Celebrating self-confidence and the personal desire to morph into the ultra-evolved technological version of yourself, the futuristic capsule collection is powered solely by the inner strength of the wearer regardless of body shape, age, skin color and gender. Called "Introspective Prism," the line's accompanying campaign is inspired by the Freudian theories of the sub-conscience, which helps to release the suppressed identity by exposing inner fears desires. As a brand that's driven by empowering the wearer, these jeans imagine a bio-spiritual evolution that takes the human form to new heights through achieving an unrestrained self. The 3D textile designs by Fitchwork present the merging of high-quality materials, fresh washes and classic fits that elevate conventional denim with laser-cutting techniques and striking new details — true to the Kaimin way.

Get into Kaimin's new collection and witness the jeans of the future, below.

Photos courtesy of Kaimin