We're so pleased with the fashion industry's increased age diversity in its choice of models lately, needless to say. So you can imagine our excitement when Japanese designer Junya Watanabe sent a harem of fine-ass daddies down the runway modeling his Paris Fashion Week: Men's fall 2019 collection.

The Junya Watanabe MAN show featured up top, a range of tailored, neutral blazers, striped cardigans, mixed-texture gingham and tartan overcoats and button-downs, and on the bottom, a little more party, but not too much, because DILFs.

So there were visible stockings and polka-dot socks for the cool dad-lover in you, paired with a tapered, flared trouser or denim with patchwork trimming or detailing. And New Balance trainers here or there. The ugly-on-purpose kind that, yes, dads the world over tend to wear when being tourists or going for morning walks. And as if in on a joke, which, knowing the Watanabe legacy of irreverence, dad-friendly hats also adorned the scalps of our next men's calendar: Curved brims and newsie caps and beanies and all.

And just like that, I suddenly feel like I want to throw away my independence and sign up for Seeking Arrangement.

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Story by Zach Shucklin / Photography by Adam Powell / Styling by Abby Bencie / Fashion by ACE