Junya Watanabe Teams Up With Jamiroquai

Junya Watanabe Teams Up With Jamiroquai

Out of all the style icons to latch onto, '90s UK electro-jazz/funk band Jamiroquai isn't the first name that immediately comes to mind — but it's not a bad one either. Known for his oversized headwear and loud prints, there's no disputing the fact that Jamiroquai's frontman, Jay Kay, has a distinctive look, making it the perfect jumping off point for Junya Watanabe's Fall 2022 collection.

Featuring a patchwork of colorful patterns and textiles, repurposed garments and plenty of out of this world hats, the reclusive designer wore his musical taste on his sleeve for his latest, collaborating with Jay Kay on a collection that puts a finely tailored spin on the musician's eccentric style.

In keeping in line with Jay Kay's (somewhat problematic) affinity for appropriating various indigenous cultures, the name Jamiroquai itself being a portmanteau of "jam" and "Iroquois," Watanabe teamed up with Mexico's Secretariat of Culture and Pendleton to help ensure that the woolen patterns incorporated in the line followed tradition and cultural customs.

Watanabe also enlisted the help of London-based designer Benny Andallo to bring the Jay Kay-inspired fuzzy bucket hats and puffed up baker boy caps to life.

Recreating the music video for "Virtual Insanity" down to the hot-stepping choreography, the designer's Fall 2022 presentation stays true to its inspiration while adding a contemporary edge to the funky fresh vibes. Check out the full Junya Watanabe Man Fall 2022 collection, below.

Photo courtesy of Junya Watanabe