Juicy Couture and Parade Team Up on Bedazzled Underwear Line

Juicy Couture and Parade Team Up on Bedazzled Underwear Line

by Aaron Royce

Juicy Couture is back in full force this year — didn't you get the memo? As if that wasn't thrilling enough, the legendary velour tracksuit giant has returned for a sassy, sparkly collaboration with inclusive underwear brand Parade.

The line takes full inspiration from Juicy's original aughts heydays, when Paris Hilton ruled the media, frappuccinos were the must-have Starbucks drink and bedazzled flip phones were a must. Bikini briefs and jewel-toned cropped sweatshirts are emblazoned with metallic "Juicy" lettering. T-shirts are printed with tongue-in-cheek slogans like "New York Juicy," "Juicy Girl Next Door" and — perfect for the holidays — "Santa Juicy Is Real." Various trunks and briefs are also cast in signature Parade colors like indigo and peachy pink, with waistbands or embroidery featuring Juicy's sans serif logo.

Similarly to Juicy's reign, Parade has grown into one of the largest loungewear and undergarment brands since its 2019 debut. As a direct contrast to brands like Victoria's Secret, it's utilized similar tropes that are also renowned Juicy Couture staples — soft fabrics, two-tone styling, a broad spectrum of vibrant colors — while purposefully appealing to Gen Z with its campaigns showing various body types and skin tones.

It's fitting, then, that Juicy and Parade have joined forces, merging their respective identities into a collection that celebrates self-expression. This is on full display in the campaign, which finds a range of diverse models wearing the colorful pieces as they pose in plush pink bedrooms and await a bubble bath. Paired with plenty of bling, ranging from Hermes' Collier de Chien cuffs to a miniature pup's Louis Vuitton collar, it's a full-circle moment for both brands that's entirely revelatory to today's consumer — and spells an inclusive message for loungewear's future.

You can shop the collection now at YourParade.com.

Photos courtesy of Parade