Joshua Bassett Sparks Concern After Anti-LGBTQ+ Church Baptism

Joshua Bassett Sparks Concern After Anti-LGBTQ+ Church Baptism

Joshua Bassett has sparked concern amongst fans after being baptized at a church that supports anti-LGBTQ+ ideologies.

Last month, the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star raised eyebrows after suddenly tweeting that "Jesus Christ is the only way," adding that "his death and resurrection are historically documented" and encouraging his followers to "turn away form hate, seek forgiveness and come home to Him." But even though his post confused fans, Bassett continued to insist that he was "better than i have ever been" and was "forward to speaking about [his spiritual experience] soon."

However, it seems as if his revelations are as worrying as expected, as he tweeted another religious message about God and the gospel this past weekend, as well as a video of himself speaking at Bethel Church, a non-denominational Christian church based in Redding, California. Unfortunately though, fans quickly discovered that the congregation he joined is a vocal advocate of conversion therapy and defines marriage as “a lifetime covenant between one man and one woman," which many questioned given that Bassett came out as queer in 2021.

"Sir why did u get baptized at a church that believes in conversion therapy and is pro trump," as one Twitter user pointed out, while another expressed their deep concern for the path he was on.

"Josh please… that church supports conversion therapy and anti-mask ideologies," they said before begging, "there’s nothing wrong with being saved but please find a different place to put your energy that will use it correctly."

That said, Bassett returned to Twitter shortly afterwards to address the widespread concern by distancing himself from Bethel, writing that while he "visited this church and happened to get baptized here," he was "unaware of some of their policies and beliefs."

"[I] do not endorse all of them," he then went on to say. "my heart is for Christ and Christ alone!”

Read his response for yourself below.

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