TikTok Bans Deadnaming, Misgendering, Conversion Therapy Content

TikTok Bans Deadnaming, Misgendering, Conversion Therapy Content

TikTok has followed Twitter's lead by banning deadnaming and misgendering.

According to NPR, the app announced that it would start taking down videos spreading hateful anti-LGBTQ+ content — including deadnaming, misgendering and posts promoting conversion therapy — as part of its updated community guidelines.

"[This will] further support the well-being of our community and the integrity of our platform," TikTok said. "Transparency with our community is important to us, and these updates clarify or expand upon the types of behavior and content we will remove from our platform."

Additionally, the platform will continue to remove videos that also promote disordered eating. Previously, TikTok said they had banned all pro-eating disorder content last February, however many of these videos are still present on the platform.

“We’re making this change, in consultation with eating disorders experts, researchers, and physicians, as we understand that people can struggle with unhealthy eating patterns and behavior without having an eating disorder diagnosis,” TikTok added. In order to implement the change, the app will use a "combination of technology and people to identify and remove violations of our Community Guidelines" while also continually "training our automated systems and safety teams to uphold our policies."

The company also went on to say that they would keep tackling dangerous online challenges with a series of informational videos about potential harm under the #SaferTogether hashtag.

Read NPR's full report here.

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