JoJo Siwa Criticized For Fake Pregnancy Prank

JoJo Siwa Criticized For Fake Pregnancy Prank

Some JoJo Siwa fans don't think her pregnancy jokes are very funny.

For the past few weeks, the 19-year-old Dance Moms alum has been actively feed into ongoing pregnancy speculation with her social media posts, including photos of herself cradling her stomach, quips about her friend being "the father of [her] baby" and a recent video of what appears to be a baby clothes shopping spree. But it turns out that not everyone is laughing along, as Insidernow reports that Siwa's little prank is being met with a bunch of online backlash.


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"doesn’t anybody else think it’s extremely disrespectful and insensitive for JoJo Siwa to be pretending to be pregnant ?????," one person wrote. Meanwhile, other commenters elaborated by arguing that it was "weird and inappropriate" to make these kinds of jokes when "she knows how many people are struggling."

The criticism comes following a series of alleged Snapchat stories, one of which reportedly features Siwa holding her stomach alongside the caption, "Can't believe it." Shortly afterwards, she was also said to be holding up a baby romper next to some text that read, "Baby clothes shopping is my new favorite."


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However, Siwa later appeared to clarify that she wasn't actually expecting by posting a TikTok of herself laughing in response to the speculation. Insider then went on to report that Siwa's baby clothes video was part of a giveaway, before pointing out that the star also posted another Snapchat story about the logistics of having children as a gay woman, saying that "it's not the social norm how I will end up having kids one day."

"Biologically to have kids you need a male and a female, and kids watch this, so I'm not going to talk about how babies are made, but babies are made with male and female," Siwa said, prior to adding, "There will never be that male significant other in my life."

That said, Siwa has yet to directly address the backlash. In the meantime though, you can read Insider's entire report about the critical response here.

Photo via Getty / Dia Dipasupil