John FM and Zelooperz Explore the Complicated World of 'White Science'

John FM and Zelooperz Explore the Complicated World of 'White Science'

John FM is one of Detroit's best kept secrets, and his mind-bending Hi-Tech Soul innovates the music of his hometown for a new age. In his latest single "White Science" with fellow trailblazer Zelooperz, the two D-Town stars capture lightning in a bottle.

John's manipulated vocals channel a cheeky and familiar sleaze as he engages in dialogue with a female love interest, also voiced by John singing in an exaggerated flair. Warbly keys and layered harmonies paint the tension between the two as he begs for her to ignore her racist parents. Zelooperz then joins in, sacrificing his high octane raps for a dazed-out, wistful display of romance, rapping "I just want to cruise with you, no ferry."

In a statement, John FM explains that the song is about "a high school puppy love gone south after her parents found out I was black." The juxtaposition of the song's central message with the bright, hooky bass and chorus are central to John's artistry, using the sonic palette of Detroit to illustrate pictures of love, tension and change.

This is John FM's first release since 2020's acclaimed American Spirit EP and is another chapter in Zelooperz's exciting year, most recently collaborating with Damon Albarn on the Mount Kimbie remix of Flume's "Palaces."

Below, listen to "White Science."

Photography: Omar Meftah


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