Mount Kimbie Art Installation Mishap Wreaks Havoc in London

Mount Kimbie Art Installation Mishap Wreaks Havoc in London

Imagine massive shiny balls barreling toward you while you're trying to make your commute home. Did we unlock another fear? Mount Kimbie definitely did, and they almost shut down the city.

In a video shared by The Telegraph, two large spheres can be seen rolling down the road as cars try to dodge them. While the material of the installation is unknown, it thankfully doesn't appear to be made of metal. The shiny wrapping, which is probably why The Telegraph incorrectly assumed it to be a Christmas display, peels off after hitting a pole.

The chaos is thanks to good ol' inclement weather. Storm Claudio continues to descend upon the U.K. with intense wind and flooding. Good to know the gigantic balls isn't actually oversized hail. So what is it?

Enter Mount Kimbie, the English electronic duo responsible for expanding upon dubstep vocabulary in the 2010s. As they prepare to release their forthcoming double album MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning on Friday, they installed the mesmerizing sculpture on Sunday for all of London to see and enjoy.

The sculpture, titled ‘Four World Set’ by Tom Shannon, was only supposed to be on display for a week, but the unfortunate coincidence of the heavy storm destroyed the installation after just one day. The finished product was three balls at the bottom and one sitting at the top. While there's no measurements made available, Instagram photos show that one ball is at least 12 feet tall.

Kai Campos, one-half of Mount Kimbie, reacted to the sculpture's destruction on Instagram. "Heartbroken to report that the extreme winds in London last night took down Tom’s beautiful ‘Four World Set’," the caption said. "Trying to take the positives from the experience and I will certainly always remember the feeling there on Sunday night. I’m really glad I went down to see it last night as well, was really great and people were still approaching it even as the rain came down. We of course had prepared for bad weather and strong winds but just got really unlucky last night. It was amazing, but too brief."

If it's any consolation, some folks think that it's pretty cool!

Below, listen to "in your eyes" from Mount Kimbie's forthcoming album, which arrives this Friday.

Photo courtesy of Bolade Banjo