Zelooperz Offers a Glimpse Into His Vibrant World on 'Whitney Hueston'

Zelooperz Offers a Glimpse Into His Vibrant World on 'Whitney Hueston'

Detroit-raised and Los Angeles-based Zelooperz has always scribbled in the margins of rap, less interested in playing by the rules. Instead, he has painted his own yellow brick road, although it may look a bit less monochrome than that. The coast-to-coast hip-hop transgressor comes off of his biggest year with a taste of what's to come.

At the top of the year, Zelooperz shared Might Not Make It, a self-produced five-track EP that transfers his frenetic energy into his sample-heavy production as he coasts over each beat. As the wildcard of Danny Brown-led Bruiser Brigade Records, the young rising star shape shifts effortlessly from his confrontational high-octane delivery to his sensual deep-voiced delivery, earning him praise from the likes of Foushee, Earl Sweatshirt, Pink Siifu and more as well as supporting the likes of Jpegmafia and Zack Fox on nationwide tours.

"Whitney Hueston," one of the EP's standout tracks, showcases the rapper's strengths as producer, lyricist and hip-hop visionary. Chest-rattling bass evokes the Dirty South trunk-knockers of the early '00s with ominous bell rings and siren-like synths. Zelooperz walks the tightrope of imminent chaos, measuring his calm and collected flow laced with his signature non sequiturs.

The accompanying Devin Williams-directed video is expertly edited by Keefjojo, known for his larger-than-life comical style that can be found in videos for Pink Siifu, YN Jay and LOVV66. Zelooperz dances in an homage to the iconic Apple iPod commercials with the colorful backdrops, eats from his special brand of cereal and even gets uncomfortably close a la Ying Yang Twins in the "Wait" video. The Detroit avant-garde rap rising star opens up his colorful and twisted world for all to see, blending recognizable iconography with his playful and transgressive flair.

Below, watch the PAPER premiere of "Whitney Hueston" by Zelooperz.

Photo courtesy of Sushiboymexicoo