Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Booted Virgos From Auditions

Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Booted Virgos From Auditions

by Justine Fisher

Virgo season is upon us, and J. Lo isn’t here for it. Channeling Leo energy, Lopez might have once cut dancers due to their astrological sign, according to Glee star Heather Morris.

On an episode of the podcastJUST SAYIN’ with Justin Martindale, Morris, who previously worked as a professional dancer, recounted a time during auditions for one of Lopez’s tours when the Leo pop star ruthlessly rejected all Virgos in the room. Mentioning the long hours, lack of pay and constant criticism of the dancers, Morris told the story in disgust.

According to Morris, after the auditions were over Lopez said, “Thank you so much, you guys have worked so hard. By a show of hands, if there are any Virgos in the room, can you just raise your hand?” Lopez then said to all of the Virgos, “Thank you so much for coming,” after whispering something to her assistant.

Though Morris admitted it could all be “hearsay,” the timing of her ex-husband Marc Anthony’s birthday could offer insight into her bias against the earth sign. Anthony was born in September, so Lopez may have a justifiable reason for not trusting the Virgos in her life.

While some on the internet had a newfound respect for Lopez hating on the sign, others questioned her rejection of despite their hard-working traits. Regardless, all the Virgos out there might want to take this as a lesson and skip the next audition for a tour with J. Lo.

Photo courtesy of Jojo Korsh/BFA