Jennifer Lopez Launches Alcohol Brand Launch Despite Not Drinking

Jennifer Lopez Launches Alcohol Brand Launch Despite Not Drinking

BYPaper MagazineApr 07, 2023

Jennifer Lopez is raising eyebrows with the launch of her alcohol brand.

Earlier this week, the Grammy-nominated artist announced the arrival of her Delola spritz line in an article for People, where she talks about tapping into her "carefree, fun side" with her new array of ready-made cocktails. That said, consumers don't seem to be as enthused about Lopez's newfound apértif obsession, seeing as how the star has repeatedly talked about how she doesn't really drink unless it's a celebratory toast.

While Lopez did acknowledge to the publication that she's not "not a huge alcohol whatever-alcohol drinker," fans still expressed their "disappointment" under her Instagram announcement, with many saying that having a booze brand "makes no sense" when you don't drink.

“You’ve been outspoken about the negative affects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol," as one person wrote, while a second accused her of being "another celebrity glamorizing alcohol to make money."

"This one is even weirder, you literally don’t drink and have a husband in recovery," they continued, echoing what other fans were saying about Ben Affleck, who's been in recovery for alcoholism and open about his struggle with addiction.

As a third critic said, "I’m disappointed that you’re promoting an alcoholic beverage when your husband has a serious issue with alcohol addiction."

Meanwhile, some argued that Delola was a missed opportunity to expand the mocktail space and provide more non-alcoholic options for those who dislike drinking or maintain a sober lifestyle. In fact, several folks even said they were "hoping it was an elegant NA cocktail" at first before wondering why she would do something "so off-brand."

Lopez has yet to respond to the backlash surrounding Delola's launch. In the meantime though, you can see what else Instagram users are saying in the comments below.

Photo via Getty / Jamie McCarthy for Tribeca Film Festival