Jazmin Bean Gets Cinematic

Jazmin Bean Gets Cinematic

By Erica CampbellFeb 09, 2024

English singer-songwriter Jazmin Bean is well versed in the art of “very dramatic and cinematic energy” and their new album Traumatic Livelihood is a testament to that. The tracklist and trailer, premiering today on PAPER hint at the world they intend to create with their latest project, which both sonically and lyrically embodies every feeling they want to express.

“Most of the time when I hold back on stuff whether it be visually or sound or even just in my personal life I often regret it,” they tell PAPER. “I wanted the world to be very cinematic and for the individual to really get lost in it. I cannot wait to show more visually when we start making more music videos for the tracks. I have so many plans for visuals I’ve been plotting for ages.”

View the tracklist and trailer below as well as PAPER’s chat with Bean as they tell us about the Traumatic Livelihood universe and why and how they created it.

​'Traumatic Livelihood​' Tracklist

  1. Traumatic Livelihood
  2. Piggie
  3. Favourite Toy
  4. Terrified
  5. Is This It
  6. You Know What You’ve Done
  7. Shit Show
  8. Fish
  9. Black Dress
  10. Best Junkie You Adore
  11. Stockholm Butterfly
  12. Charm Bracelet
  13. Bitch With The Gun
  14. The Blood Brings Colour and Fluoresce

What track are you most excited for fans to hear? Why?

I’m really excited for them to hear “fish” and “shit show,” I think they are so different from anything I’ve done before and are really an evolution sonically and very detailed in their production.

What was inspiring you (art, books, music, etc.) while you were making Traumatic Livelihood? How did it seep into the sound of the album?

Honestly, life and living a very new fresh version of life inspired it the most, I felt like I was going through a rebirth and everything felt really new and fresh so I felt like I was going into the studio very focused and attentive, I really had the energy to spend time on the records and have that detail, obviously film always inspires me, I find it so hard to list exact music influences because my playlist is just all over the place.

"You Know What You've Done” came out last month. How has the reaction from fans been thus far?

I feel like people have received it really well! It’s always so nerve-wracking releasing new stuff, there’s always going to be pushback from fans really attached to older work and I think most if not all artists experience that to some degree but I’ve found the song really brought in a new audience that maybe hasn’t previously tuned in to past work.

What do you hope fans walk away with after they’ve heard Traumatic Livelihood?

I hope they resonate with it, I want it despite touching on some heavy topics to still feel fun and euphoric to listen to.

Photography: Jamie-Lee Culver