Jack Powers Strikes a Pose in 'Cupid Landing'

Jack Powers Strikes a Pose in 'Cupid Landing'

Jack Powers is back with a new video for his latest single "Cupid Landing" and — no surprise — even more looks are being served. Whether it's 80s covergirl glam or full body glitter, Powers has proven to be an artist with an editorial eye folding in up-and-coming designers and avant garde trends into the visual component of their work and this latest offering is no different.

Taking inspiration from Richard Avedon, "Cupid Landing" sees Powers transported to a chaotic fashion shoot in Paris full of tightly choreographed numbers and culminating in a feverish romantic tryst with our star absconding away with a mysterious member of the crew. Featuring some of the city's cabaret scene's most prominent figures like Lola Dragoness Vonflamme and Maud Amour and featuring looks from emerging French designers Pressiat and Arturo Obegero, Powers strikes an interesting balance between sartorial and camp, bringing an over-the-top energy to a series of elevated looks. Directed by Cannes Film Festival finalists Marie Meyer and Patric Kuo, the music video gives off a unique blend of Vogue meets Paris Fashion Week meets Zoolander meets Stefon from SNL's Weekend Update.

Photography: Simon Arcache

Given the song's bouncy, twitchy fidget house beat, courtesy of Azealia Banks and Princess Nokia producer Owwwls, the visual for "Cupid Landing" matches the song's runway-ready vibes with a dash of that cool nonchalant attitude Powers exudes on the track. With lyrics like "Perfect delusions melt our silver seas/ Pretending Disney movies are how we be," Powers paints a picture of love cutting through the vanity and hedonism in a world of neatly manicured models and smoke filled nightclubs. At its core, "Cupid Landing" is a club bop that lives in a world of beauty and glamour while not losing sight of genuine connection.

Bask in the glow of the official music video for Jack Powers' "Cupid Landing" below.

Photography: Tara Sood