Jack Powers Is 'Finally Perfect'

Jack Powers Is 'Finally Perfect'

by Kenna McCafferty

Made for the “kind of star that goes full frontal in the magazine,” Jack Powers' all-out '80s visual for "Finally Perfect" is finally here. The Ben Prince-directed music video, premiering today on PAPER, is chock full of glitz, glamor, girls and gays. Starring Meg Superstar Princess, Sophia Lamar, Iconica, Sean Ford and more, the visual thrusts Powers against astral giants and he still manages to find a way to stand out.

Turning a look that feels very Freddy Mercury meets Prince Charming meets glitter leggings, Powers brings you along for what's seemingly the perfect night out, complete with captivating choreography. As the bar scene unfolds, the dolls devolve and Powers, gaze firmly glued to the camera, stands in assless chaps and a peaked cap in the midst of lip-locked party-goers caught up in the contagious energy of his charisma.

The center of attention, Powers then turns inward to remind listeners that only they can release their own inner perfection. Powers utters “I’m the only one who can save me” as he crawls across the bar floor — we don’t want to know what’s down there — before bringing it all back with the choral line, “and after all, you’re finally perfect” as clothes come off, and glitter rains down on the crowd.

“Finally Perfect” is finally putting Powers on the map, and we can’t wait to see where he goes, or crawls, next. Join the party and find your power, below.

Direction: Ben Prince
Choreography: Spencer Clark
Editing: Matt Sparks
DP: Evadne Gonzalez
Lighting: André Bonk
Hair: William Schaedler
Makeup: Shaena Baddour
Styling: Pressiat, Nihl, Skye Clark

Photography: @fuckdamian