Jaboukie Says Bad Bitch Coochie Is a 'State of Mind'

Jaboukie Says Bad Bitch Coochie Is a 'State of Mind'

by Kenna McCafferty

Jaboukie Young-White has Bad Bitch Coochie. Dropped on Friday, his breakout single "BBC" (an acronym for "Bad Bitch Coochie") is the entertainer's first dip into the pop star pool. The two-minute and 55-second track is an exercise in pure confidence, leaving listeners breathless from laughing, while Jaboukie manages to hit every single beat and bar.

"Bad Bitch Coochie is a state of mind," Jaboukie says of his official foray into music. "I had a four-on-the-floor kick, then my brother, Javeigh, laid a filthy, thumping bassline. I wanted the lyrics to reflect that cheeky and sleazy energy. I want this song to be a song you can’t help but dance to."

Bad Bitch Coochie, however, is no laughing matter. As a comedian turned actor turned rapper, Jaboukie makes clear on "BBC" that he did not come to play. Harkening to the tongue-in-cheek wordplay and coochie-throbbing beats of an Azealia Banks type, "BBC" is a reminder that rap and comedy are two sides of the same coin.

Both club-ready and sex playlist-ready (step aside "Cbat"), "BBC" features instrumental contributions from Jaboukie’s brother, Javeigh Young-White, and mixing from Grammy Award-winning Neal Pogue. Still, it holds all the off-the-cuff grit of a hot-boxed bedroom-recorded freestyle.

"When the opportunity came to overdub my home recordings in a studio setting — to go from lo-fi to hi-fi — I was so excited," Jaboukie says, explaining how it was originally written two years ago. "I figured if I was gonna go for it, I might as well go big."

In that regard, Jaboukie has proven to be a master of every craft he takes on, from writing to acting to serving coochie (see the glitched-out, morph-suit thirst trap music video he directed himself, above). Above all, Jaboukie's never one to half-ass anything. Stream the new single, below.

Photo courtesy of Jack McKain