'Cbat' Stays ON During Sex
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'Cbat' Stays ON During Sex

First there was Stranger Things breathing new life into Kate Bush's 1985 song "Running Up That Hill," making the rounds on TikTok and topping the charts for the first time in four decades. Now one of the first songs that put Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke on the map back in 2011 is getting the same treatment thanks to one Reddit user's ill-begotten attempts to spice things up in the bedroom.

In a now-viral post off the Today I F**ked Up subreddit, a 25 year-old man revealed that the wonky trap tune had been one of the cornerstones of his sex playlist for the past two years. Admitting that he was “a little stiff and pretty much had no idea what I was doing” when he first started a relationship with his girlfriend, the man decided to compile a sex playlist after reading online that matching the rhythm of certain songs can improve performance which just so happened to include his favorite tune, "Cbat."

However, that song has proved to be a major turn off for the Redditor's partner who had only just informed him recently. "It’s fucked up the relationship tbh because sex feels awkward now," he wrote. "The other day we were having sex with no music but I was still thrusting to the tune playing in my head. She recognized this and asked me to stop.”

Naturally TikTok and the internet at large ran with the post, trying to parse out the poor man's stroke game to "Cbat's" jaunty gait. While not an altogether impossible song to fuck to (where there's a will there's always a way), the track's erratic beat and cartoonish synths does come across as a rather unconventional song to inject into an intimate setting.

As a side effect of all the subsequent memes, "Cbat" emerged from the holiday weekend at the top of Spotify's Viral 100 charts with fellow producer and friend, Jacques Greene, pointing out that "I know this would be your absolute fav reason to go randomly viral and I love this for you lmfaoo.” Mohawke himself reuploaded the song onto his Youtube, earning over 84,000 views and counting in less than 24 hours.

Not one to look a publicity gift horse in the mouth, HudMo's random viral moment comes on the heels of his most recent release of his latest full length album, Cry Sugar. A sprawling tapestry of sparkling hyperpop, maximalist beats and abstract synthscapes, HudMo promises in his Twitter bio that the new record is in fact "better for sex."

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