A Thong for That Special Device in Your Life

A Thong for That Special Device in Your Life

Many of us will spend this upcoming Valentine's Day, surely destined to be the loneliest in human history, with only our smartphones for company. Kind of similar to how we've spent the past entire year. So isn't it about time we did something a little bit special for the device that's become an even more constant companion during these historically solitary times?

The very online art trolls over at Internet Shop seem to think so. In collaboration with Swedish artist Arvida Bystrøm, they've designed a limited edition lingerie drop: matching lilac-colored thongs for you and your beloved touchscreen of choice.

Yes, these teeny tiny undies are absolutely a real product that can be purchased for the cheeky price of €69.00. (Or around $83.00 USD.) Also included: a phone-shaped piece of glass (AKA a literal Black Mirror) engraved with the Internet Shop x Arvida Bystrøm logo, on which to store the phone-sized thong when not in use.

As far as viral stunts go, this is obviously equal parts funny, cute and sad, but you might also read into it a bit of commentary on the gendered nature of our phones as service products. Siri was deliberately designed to speak in a soothing feminine voice, after all. She might occasionally get snarky, but she basically does whatever you say. Best girlfriend ever. Get her a lil treat!

There are only 100 of the matching sets available — order now to receive in time for February 14. You might want to do so on your MacBook, though, to keep it a surprise.

Photos via Internet Shop